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Accidental Inverse Triangle of Aterlor

I have taken a break from writing Rising Tide. Too much time spent in any place, even a fictional world, leads to burnout and I would like to avoid that. In the meantime I have pulled an old project off the “Needs Work” shelf and have been revisiting the world of Aterlor.

Aterlor, and by extension the Plane of the Aspects, is something that has had my attention for a very long time now. Sixteen years? Maybe longer. It is hard to say. I have worked on it here and there with several year breaks not being unheard of. It is slowly taking shape. There is a lot of world building involved here. Everything from the world itself to a pantheon of gods and a functioning magic system. Today I was working on characters and something interesting appeared.

Aterlor Inverse Triangle - Protagonists vs AntagonistsIt was not my intention to pit the protagonists against a perfect balance of antagonists. I have though. The graphic is a wonderful representation of this. Motiya is in all ways the literal opposite of Cyra. Ifrete with his tactical thinking and ever present logic balances Reilyn’s (Rein to those closest to her) emotional mind-frame and tendency to act on instinct.  Keilyn is the protector, the builder while Velin loves the chaos of destruction.

Even the planes upon which they operate are balanced 2:1 on either it will take both to defeat the one. Ifrete and Velin have their agent, Cyra, working for them on the plane of the mortals. Alone they could not have imbued Cyra with the power to win against Motiya, nor could they have stood toe to toe with her at home without the other to back them up. Motiya knows she can defeat her brothers on their own turf, but to overcome them on the mortal plane she will need two. Enter Rein and Keilyn.

It was a happy accident that is the perfect solution. Knowing I will revisit this world again I think it is an accident I will keep. A device I can use in the planning stages of future stories. Possibly the basis of the world’s symbology? Three is an important number throughout the mythology of many cultures, this adds another layer. The rule of six? Something to keep in mind while writing.

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