Current Projects

Rising Tide


When an alien craft crashes at Anika Klock’s feet she is thrust into the middle of a struggle that has spanned generations. Her only ally is Crilo, the target of an intergalactic terrorist plot.Yet, even as they grow closer, both know Crilo is honour-bound to betray her.

NaNoWriMo Project for 2015. First draft is completed, updates and snippets can be found here.



Pleasantries began as a story illustrated with The Sims 2 images. The Sims 2 was never the most stable platform, especially with the amount of custom content required to depict a realistic, immersive world. After several restarts and rebuilding of the neighbourhoods due to crashing and instability I lost the motivation to continue creating the images. The story still wants to be told; however; thus for the start of Chapter 6 and for all further chapters the story has switched to a prose only format.

Pleasantries is an ongoing project updated on LiveJournal.


Devourer of Souls

Currently unpublished. Devourer of souls is not at all intended to be taken seriously. This story came about as a challenge posed by a friend.

The Challenge: Write a story containing as many fairytale cliches as possible, but make it dark.

The Result: A tale of a young man who finds himself inadvertently bound to a demon with powers he neither understands nor can control.



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