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Daily NaNo 2019 #3

Not much to report on the noveling front today. A little more progress, a little behind on my word count, all run of the mill type things to be happening on day 3. I did just have to check it was day 3. It seems like it has been way longer than that.

I did spend a few hours today working on a new cover image because I realized in the wee hours of this morning that my nice, cozy Horror/Supernatural was actually turning out to be a Supernatural Romance. I am a bit uncomfortable with that. I don’t usually write Romance. There are romantic sub-plots in a few of my stories, sure, but in this case it seems the romance is the plot. That feeling of being uncomfortable is not helped at all by the default NaNoWriMo cover image being … well this.


So I have been working on my own. I think I am achieving all new levels of cliche with it. I will have to share when I get it done. It’s great! (by which I mean horrible).

That is all for today. Just a short update before I get back to writing.

Happy noveling!

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