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NaNo Prep Day 1(ish)

I am actually several days in but I have just decided to start counting so we will call this Day 1.

I am heading into this NaNoWriMo with a plan. This is a first for me. Usually I have a vague idea and expand upon it. That is what I do for everything I write. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. This will be my first time with a complete plan.

My plan looks like this:

This is also my first attempt at trying my own template design. I had a lot of fun making the template though I expect to change and tweak things as I try it out. I will admit it is a little daunting. There is soooo much that needs researching and hashing out over the next 25 days. I got this though.

That is going to be my motto for the next two months. I can tell. Say it with me.


“I got this.”


That being said, I have already discovered a problem with my template. I included a really detailed character sheet, REALLY detailed. It has over 120 questions. It is just not working. Not at all.

I tried to fill it out for Crilo. I have known who he is for the past two years. I mean it shouldn’t be that hard right?


To get everyone up to speed without getting too far into spoiler range Crilo is not from Earth. All the crazy stuff you have heard “Ancient Aliens” conspiracy theorist go on about? In this Universe that totally happened only the aliens took some people with them. Crilo is a descendant of those people and now (for a variety of reasons which I will not go into here) the descendants of the humans who were taken have come back.

All well and good right? No so much. Have a peek into my thought process as I answer these questions.

Name: This one is easy
Theme Song: Not decided
Background: A little complex to explain but okay
Birthday: … by which calendar?
Place of birth: On a ship traveling through space.
Parents: Also an easy one!
What was important to the people who raised him: This is going to take some explaining. Different culture, different values but okay.
Siblings: Easy
Economic/social status growing up: Also going to take some explaining but doable.
Ethnic background: … um … melting pot? Indistinct? What would you call a melding of all the ancient civilizations on earth?
Places lived: … his entire people are all on this ship, it is not like he can just pick up and move.
Current address and phone number: … Seriously?
Education: Odd and obviously not going to be like we have on Earth but okay.
Favorite subject in school: Uh … history? He liked learning about the legends so, yeah, that will work.
Special training: Also easy. He can fly space ships.
Jobs: Pilot, not like Pasihiri can pick a career, they are assigned based on need because they are all stuck on the ship.
Salary: … this is not even relevant.
Travel: How do I even … you know what, no just no. I am going to go with ‘Light years, literally across the galaxy as part of a migration.’ This character sheet was obviously developed with Earth humans in mind …
Friends: Hey, this one is actually relevant.
How do people view this character: Also good.
Lives with: … like in his quarters? No one, but really with a few hundred thousand other people.
Dating, marriage: doesn’t work like that in this culture but okay, none.
Children: none
Relationship with God: … nothin’. I got nothin’. I can not even begin to answer this question without going into the entire history of how the Pasihiri came to be. This is not even … WHY ARE THERE NO ALIEN SPECIFIC CHARACTER SHEETS?

That is when I gave up and decided I would just do character sketches instead. They won’t contain everything I may ever need to know about the characters lives and back story but I won’t feel like I have to make up random garbage on the spot either. Anythign I do find myself needing to know during the course of writing I can add to the sketch later.

One change to make to the template already. Include the character sheet for characters who I need lots of detail for, but also a less irrelevant facts based option.

Twenty-five days to go.

One more time: “I got this.”

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