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NaNo Prep Day 6 – What To Do With Anika

I got a little sidetracked in the prep over the last weekend due to Canadian Thanksgiving. There was a lot of cooking a lot of food. There was also a lot of alcohol which is, surprisingly, still here for the most part. I did do some prep, talked through a major sticky plot bit with Mathew and got it worked out. Now I am at the point where I am just plugging in the details in the outline. That is where things got weird.

I have no idea what to do with Anika. Crilo has evolved into a fully fleshed out character and I am confident I know him well enough to proceed. Anika is .. difficult. She no longer has a back story that is relevant to the new story. Previously she opened the story with her perspective of how things went down to set the plot in motion. This version starts well before that and she is not really doing much of anything until things get really moving in the second act. This is making it very difficult to have parallel plot lines, one from her point of view and one from his until the two plot lines merge. Anika needs a backstory.

Currently, I am combing through character archetypes and discovering I really don’t like the idea of character archetypes. By archetypes, I mean characters are who are assigned a role from the outset which they need to fulfill throughout the story. For a more detailed description and the listing of a few archetypes click here. Personally, I don’t like the idea of having set rolls for each character. I understand it works well for a lot of people and I even understand that my characters will eventually end up fitting within certain archetypes. Having one assigned from the beginning just seems very restrictive. It would be one more thing making me go “does this help fulfill their archetype?” during the writing of every scene and leave me writing to the archetype rather than writing true to the character.

So, I am still left with the question: What To Do With Anika? I need to work through this; find a way to have her have a goal outside of what Crilo wants. I think that is what is holding me up. She wants to help Crilo, but why? I suspect if I could answer that question I would figure out what to do with Anika.

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