NaNoMo – Better Late . . .

I am officially participating in NaNoMo this year. You can see the little word counter over there on the side. It is going about as well as I expected. I officially started 9 days late.

At first the delay was due to watching the entirety of the ‘Doctor Who’ reboot with my my daughter.  We were on season 5 when the month started. We “had” (never underestimate the determination of a twelve year old girl to fangirl. If only she would show this level of dedication to her school work.) to get through the whole thing before she headed to see her father on the 4th. Next was the actually heading to visit her father, by plane, alone, for the first time in her life. That was a bit stressful. She made it through just fine, I made it through just fine so it was time to get started on my 50,000 words, right?


Instead it was time to realize that out of all of the potential stories running circles around my head all the time, not one of them was fit for a full length fiction. Commence days of notes and attempts to scrunch several unrelated stories together only to still come up empty handed. Hair was pulled, tears were shed, nails were chewed.

Finally, more than a little tipsy on apple brandy and rapidly approaching the wee hours of November 9th while watching the final episode of ‘Blackpool’ a plot line I have had for years solidified itself.

Now it is time to get started on 50,000 words. 976 down …

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