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NaNoWriMo 2015 – Rising Tide

Synopsis: When an alien craft crashes at Anika Klock’s feet she is thrust into the middle of a struggle that has spanned generations. Her only ally is Crilo, the target of an intergalactic terrorist plot.Yet, even as they grow closer, both know Crilo is honour-bound to betray her.

The good news about that synopsis up there. I have a solid plot and I am 42k (and change) through. The bad news? It is a complete mess. I am on track to win though! 50k will be completed by the end of November. Editing this beast is … another matter.

In the mean time have a short snippet:

Anika had decided she had found the most boring wall in existence. It was an awful, industrial brick monstrosity made even worse by someone having had the stroke of inspiration to paint it avocado flesh green. She had been staring at it for hours now studying every detail, and there weren’t many to study, until she could still see the damn thing when she closed her eyes. It had no personality, no character, not even a single paint drip to set it apart. Just the repeating pattern of mortar lines over and over in perfect layers each row offset exactly half the length of the one below it. Back and forth the layers climbed to the top of the wall with nothing at all interesting to catch the eye. She would have at least expected the odd interesting mark left by past occupants of this room but no. Not one ‘For a good time call Bubba’ or ‘Jessie was here’; just guacamole paint over ridiculously large bricks.

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